About Ursula Maier Werkstätten:
Fine craftsmanship since 1910.

In over 100 years of manufacturing, we have developed a deep affinity for wood which is reflected in our daily work.

Our ideas take form in our own workshop. It’s enormously satisfying to see a design on paper become tangible reality each time we select from our vast stock of veneers to create an outstanding, unique piece of furniture. Our team is composed of master craftsmen, interior designers, journeymen and apprentices. Our workshop features production planning using CAD, first-class finishing expertise, flexibility, special kinds of wood and on-site painting. We also work with other media such as glass, metal, synthetic materials and stone.

Furniture in the Sarah Maier collection is finished with “veneer partitas” (“Furnierpartituren”). The interplay of distinctive veneer and paint accentuates the uniqueness of the wood. By providing good background information on the veneers used in our products, we wish to promote public appreciation of timber as a natural material.

  Team Gruppenfoto
  Gruppenfoto: Team Sarah Maier collection